Video lessons on Condominial Sanitation Systems

Condominial Systems course

The so-called Condominial approach to the construction of water and sewerage networks was developed in Brazil during the 1980s as a response to the challenges posed by expanding services into peri-urban neighborhoods. While the condominial model has proved capable of meeting the considerable social and engineering challenges posed by these areas, it is also a generic alternative to the design of water and sewerage systems. (Jose Carlos Melo, 2005)

The methodology includes the participation of the individuals and owners who will be served and can often result in lower costs due to shorter piping runs. This is achieved by local concentration of sewage from a single "housing block". Thus a number of dwellings are grouped into a "block" known as a condominium.

Here you have video classes and materials on Condominial sewage systems prepared by specialists on the theme with several years of experience in projects, including the Condominial methodology's creator, Engineer José Carlos de Melo, who will present the course's introductory module. It's all available for free and includes several languages (for more details, see the list of course modules below and the languages available for each).


 1. Origin and General Concepts of the Condominial System

Engineer José Carlos de Melo Áudio: PT (BR). Subtitles: ES and EN
 2. General System Structuring and Basic Network Engineer Ivan Paiva Jr. Áudio: PT (BR). Subtitles: EN
 3. Condominial Sewerage System: The Condominial Branches Engineer Ivan Paiva Jr. Áudio: PT (BR). Subtitles: ES and EN
 4. Social Participation Social Worker Daniela Lira Mariz Áudio: PT (BR). Subtitles: ES and EN


Meet the Instructors

Engineer José Carlos Melo
Engineer José Carlos Melo










Civil engineer, consultant for the IDB and the World Bank. Creator of the Condominial Sanitation Methodology. Experience as IDB and World Bank Consultant in several Latin American and Caribbean countries.





Engineer Ivan Paiva Jr.
Engineer Ivan Paiva Jr.



Civil engineer, consultant for the IDB and the World Bank. Director of IPJ Engenharia, expert in Implementation of Condominial Sanitation Systems with more than 35 years of experience in the field.


Social Worker Daniela Lira Mariz
Social Worker Daniela Mariz



Social worker, Specialist in social projects in Sanitation and Community Mobilization projects. Has more than 10 years of experience working as a consultant in social and integrated Sanitation projects.