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SaniHUB is an initiative based on the Open-Source concept, and its main goal is to disseminate knowledge and make available modern tools that help the sanitation sector.

There are several misconceptions about the meaning of the term Open-Source, such as:

  • The simplification of the term to something free (no costs);
  • The myth that large companies avoid open-source technologies.

The truth is that we were surrounded by successful Open-Source projects widely used by large companies/organizations, for example:

i) QGIS, ii) AWS - Amazon Web Service, iii) Drupal (web technology in which the SaniHUB portal was developed), iv) the Linux Foundation, among others.

Behind them are developers, companies, and specialists dedicated to their development and maintenance, which implies costs.

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You can support our project through:


If you or your company/institution is interested in customizing any of the modules for your projects, creating a new module that covers other areas of sanitation, supporting the development of new courses, or even developing an online course platform that facilitates interaction between our instructors and students, please consider supporting us financially.

If you or your company/organization has expertise in software and plugin development for QGIS consider joining our team to support bug fixing and the development of new features and modules.

You can assist in the translation and suggest corrections to the translations of all the material provided such as: books, articles, video lesson subtitles, tutorials, manuals, and news.

Support the technical documentation of the codes, update and correct software manuals, publish tutorials, etc.

In any of the above cases you can get in touch via e-mail