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Software & Manuals


On this page, you can find all the QGIS plugins developed by the SaniHUB initiative, as well as the link to the official repository where you can find more information about each one, report problems, or suggest improvements.
The softwares were developed with the support of the IDB, in teams composed of specialist consultants in sanitation and developers, or through multidisciplinary teams from the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA.

All SaniHUB tools are open-source, and their usage licenses can be found in the repository of each plugin. If you liked the project, please consider supporting it by contacting us at

We would also like to thank the QGIS community for providing a great Open-Source tool that serves as the basis for our plugins, please consider supporting the QGIS community via the link.

We are not responsible for the improper use and application of the available resources.