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Video lessons on Condominial Sanitation Systems

The so-called Condominial approach to the construction of water and sewerage networks was developed in Brazil during the 1980s as a response to the challenges posed by expanding services into peri-urban neighborhoods. While the condominial model has proved capable of meeting the considerable social and engineering challenges posed by these areas, it is also a generic alternative to the design of water and sewerage systems. (Jose Carlos Melo, 2005)

Video lessons on SaniHUB RedBasica software

RedBasica was the first in SaniHUB's QGIS plugin series (former SaniBID), with its first beta version being tested in 2017 and its first official version released in 2019.
Thought at first with an educational objective, since it is the first and only software that brings specific tools used in sewer network design for Condominial systems (Basic Networks), it evolved to a tool capable of supporting real projects of both Conventional and Condominial sewer networks.
Some of the advantages SaniHUB RedBasica provides are: